Our ambassador athletes are like family. We pride ourselves in our tribe and the incredible humans that are representatives our brand.

Prevail isn’t looking for everyone, so a few musts for us our:

-Must be positive. No negativity allowed.

-Must be an endurance athlete, ideally runner.

-Must be active on social media (not out of control addicted to social, just active)

-Must believe in our brand mission which is: to help as many athletes and humans as possible get off of NSAIDs and find pain relief through a more natural, safer CBD based alternative.

A few rad highlights of our program include:

-50% off of our CBD products and other FREE swag.

-Ambassador athlete only trail runs, dinners, yearly dinner at founder’s home in Santa Barbara, CA.

-Ongoing support and education on CBD.

-Private Facebook group of our athletes where you’ll be uplifted, recognized, and make friends for life.

-A personal relationship with owners and founders who CARE. It’s normal to get a monthly call from the owner just to say thank you and see how your life is.

-Support. From providing free samples at races, to getting you the swag to rep Prevail right, to just giving a listening ear when your race didn’t go as planned, we want you to win, and we’re here to help.


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